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2022 Class Schedule

Class Schedule


Ardán Academy 2022 Class Schedule


**Please email the school for the zoom password and meeting link**



Monday Muskegon


Beginners – 4:30pm

2nd/3rd Year - 5:30pm

Novice + Up - 6:30pm


Monday Taylor

5:30pm - Championships

7:00pm- Adults


Tuesday AOH

5:00pm- Beginner

6:00pm - 3rd year and up




Tuesday Grand Rapids

4:30pm- Beginner

5:30pm- 2nd/3rd year

6:30pm- Novice/Prizewinner

7:30pm- Performance Team

8:30pm- Championship



Tuesday Toledo

5:00pm- Beginner

6:00pm- 3rd Year and up


Wednesday Zoom 

6:00pm- Novice/Prizewinner


Wednesday Taylor

6:00pm- PC1


Thursday Zoom

6:00pm- Championship


Thursday Taylor

5:00pm- Beginner

6:00pm- 2nd/3rd year

7:00pm- Novice/prizewinner

8:00pm- Adults

9:00pm- Adult Ceili Team


Friday Gaelic League

5:30pm- Beginner

6:30pm- PC2