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Ceili Irish Dance

Ceili Irish Dance | Ardan Academy School of Irish Dance

"Ceili" is a fun form of group Irish dancing.  Everyone is welcome--especially beginners who may never have danced before!  A Ceili (kay-lee) is a traditional Irish gathering for fun, fellowship, and laughs (or craic as the Irish might say.)  Traditional ceili dances were enjoyed at house parties and corner road gatherings in the rural countrysides. Decades later, they are still danced in Ireland.  These traditional folk dances have a "follow-the-leader" pattern that new dancers can pick up with the first attempt. Ceili classes are taught by Kitty Heinzman who in addition to teaching the dances, will also share stories of her homeland, Ireland.  If you are interested in trying Irish dance, but not ready for the solo steps or competitive path, come and try Ceili--we are confident you will love it!